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s鈥?construction, t▓he new CSTM will officially open in the middle of September. The old museum will op▓en free to the public for eight days starting from June 24.The CSTM is located within the ce▓ntral area of the Olympic Park, adjacent to the 鈥淏irds鈥?Nest鈥? Reporters learned on June 22 f▓rom the CSTM that after over three years of intensi

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ve constructi▓on, the new museum has started to install and test its equipment, as well as to arrange its exhibits. It will officially open to the public i

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n the middle of S▓eptember.The old museum, which operated for 21 years, will close from July 1 this year. Officials from Beijing Association for Science an

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d Tec▓hnology stated that the old museum will be used as Beijing Science Center, where high-end and interactive science knowledge promotion activities will

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be carried out.To return the public long-time support and attention, the main exhibition hall in the A pavilion of the▓ old CSTM will open to the public f

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or free from June 24 to July 1 and a maximum of 5,000 people can visit the museum each day during this period. People can ob▓tain tickets from the ticket o

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ffice in the east gate of the old museum between 8:30am and 3:30pm for that day.Historical reviewZh▓ou Enlai approved the construction of the CSTMThe const

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ruction of the▓ CSTM was suspended once because of the construction of the Great Hall of the PeopleThe preparations for the construction of the CSTM date back to 195▓0s. In 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Nie R

ongzhen approved the construction of the CSTM, and selected the design by Liang Sicheng, a professor at Tsinghua University. However, the construction was suspen▓ded due to the 10 large construction projects including t

hat of the Great Hall of the People.Later, with appeals from scientists including Mao Yisheng and Qian Xuesen, the construction of the CSTM was put back on the agenda.In November 1984, the first phase of the CSTM proje

ct began; Deng Xiaoping autographed the CSTM title. After nearly four years鈥?intensive construction, the CSTM was officially open to the public in September 1988. Tra▓nslated by LOTO銆€銆€BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhuane

t) -- Tibet opened its Science and Technology Activit▓y Week on Wednesday in Rutok Village, Rutok County, Ngari Prefecture. 銆€銆€During the week, a serie▓s of diverse activities will be held, including giving public lectu

res on the current scientific and technological development, offering useful techniques training for farmers and herders, etc. 銆€銆€With the theme of "building an innovation-oriented country", the event was designed t

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Olympic Green, bordering th

o make sure the latest ac▓hievements in Tibet's science and technology will benefit the local people, including energy conservation, eco-environmental protection and safety and health protection. 銆€銆€At the inaugural ceremony, the Tibet Regional S

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cience and Technology Department donated popul

t and Water Cube.

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gy equi▓pment worth 150,000 yuan RMB to Rutok County in western Tibet. 銆€銆€In additio

hat's bound to b ecome a future f amily favorite .The new m useum's main s tructu▓re looks l ike a huge cube-shaped jig saw puzzle. It has a floor area of 102 -thousand square m eters, and exhibit hal ls cover 40-thousand square meters. Th ere are fo ur speci al effects cinemas , and five the mes of displays. They are divided up 高平市5G 涉县5G 华蓥市5G 十堰市5G 临桂县wap 漳平市wap 淮阳县wap 苍南县wap 德格县5G 沧州市wap 高碑店市wap 汝南县wap 仁怀市wap 大连市wap 万宁市wap 金川县wap 博罗县wap 新干县5G 法库县5G 安多县5G 新开的传奇私服网 今日新开网通传奇私服 合击传奇私服新开网站 好点的热血传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服合击脱机外挂 新开迷失传奇私服网站 哪个传奇私服人气最好 单职业传奇私服开服网 传奇私服gm刷元宝命令 传奇私服能赚钱么